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... Made easy!

What is VisionFlow?

VisionFlow is a Project Management Software that enables you to manage projects in an efficient way, saving you time and money.

VisionFlow supports the Lean and Agile (such as Scrum and XP) way to manage projects with tools such as Task Board, Kanban Board, Burn-Down Charts and Cumulative Flow Diagrams (CFD), but can also be used for Traditional Project Management.

In addition to the Project Management functionality, VisionFlow also has a HelpDesk/Service Desk Module for managing support tickets, submitted from Emails, Phone Calls or from the built-in web-based Support Portal. Using this module the basic ITIL processes are supported, such as Incident Management, Problem Management and Change Management.

To keep track of where your personnel spend their time and effort, you can use the Time Reporting Module in VisionFlow. Using this module both project-specific time as well as time spent outside projects can be managed.

VisionFlow also contains a Document Management System. With this module you can organize your documents and make sure that only the right people can get access to your sensitive information.

With all modules in combination, VisionFlow can also be used for Application Lifecycle Management, i.e. from Idea to Execution and also during the Maintenance and Support phase.

Since VisionFlow enables all people in a company to be working with the same system, Communication between people will increase and nobody will feel left out from the information. Experience has shown that the Project Success has been improved significantly by using VisionFlow!